Pfizer Advances in Drug Pipelines

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Founded in 1849, Pfizer is an American pharmaceutical and biotechnolgy company headcourtered in New York City, with a research center headquarters in Groton, Connecticut. In 2015, the companies reported total assets ran at $169.3 billion USD, with 78,300 employees. Pfizer may also be known by one of its many daughter companies such as Agouron Pharmaceuticals, G.D. Searle, Greenstone, Hopsira, InnoPharma, Parke-Davis, or Pfizer UK.  Companies like this can be traded using financial brokers offering MetaTrader5, as this is a great way of gaining access to the NASDAQ composite index.

Strengths in Size

One of the companies greatest strengths is in the size of the company. The company is a mammoth drugmaker, that can use economies of scale to fatten its margins. The company holds a whopping $17 billion in the bank, with $15 billion coming in last year. With the companies money, Pfizer has the ability to service a debt, pay a dividend, and still have enough leftover to buy its way into the drug industry.

With respect to product range, drugs such as Advil, Viagra, and Zoloft are all owned by Pfizer, making the company the manufacture of many household drugs that have been known to be used for many years. However, any future drugs are dependent on research and development at a predicted cost of approximately $1 billion with no guaranteed success.

Potential Weaknesses

This means, despite the current success of the company, each new drug the company develops in the future could become a financial loss based on how much Pfizer spends for each of its new developments, and whether or not the product ends up being a success. Other weaknesses or potential threats to the company include a vast potential of healthcare reforms related to the types of medications developed by Pfizer, as well as reforms in relation to drug pricing controls that may affect the delicate balance between how much money the company has versus how much they invest in development, as well as how much success new medications released will have.

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