The Future of Wearable Technology

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The Future of Wearable Technology

Humans by nature are fanatic of the things that we create to make our lives easier. As we continue through the year of 2016 we see many new advancements in the relatively new field of wearable tech. It is not difficult to find persons representing this new technological trend; go to the gym, go for a walk, go to the grocery store. Nurses to IT consultants, these new pieces have certainly found their ways into the general population. In this article we will visit a few of the major forms of wearable tech that we can see now and expect to see much more of in the future to come.

Smart Watches

Perhaps the most common to be hitting the scene more rampant than ever before: the smart watch. Popular brands that have made their way to the shelves consist of Pebble, Motorola Moto, Apple, Samsung, LG, and Microsoft. The function of a smart watch is essentially to display and use the primary functions of our smart phones, but from our wrists. Being able to see text messages, and in some cases even reply to them without ever touching our phone, for example, is a great reason one would want to own a smart watch. Smart watches have began to enter an age where they have their very own app market, as well; many of these apps being popular Android or IOS applications ported for the watch itself. Also, some smart watches function in addition as a fitness tracker, making the device twice as useful.

Fitness Trackers

Paralleling the smart watch in popularity, the fitness tracker is another easily spotted piece of wearable tech. As just mentioned, some fitness trackers are smart watches, some smart watches are fitness trackers; but certainly in no case are all fitness trackers smart watches nor vice versa. Remember, the smart watch has its own function: that which is to replicate the functions of your smartphone. A fitness tracker has a different goal all together, and a very self-explanatory one at that. Fitness trackers will have functions such as pedometers, motion trackers, exercise trackers, heart rate monitors. They usually have their own software for graphing and organizing this data, then presenting it back to you in a user-friendly legible manor.

Smart Glasses

Lastly, we will visit augmented reality; the smart glasses. Smart glasses have a hefty challenge ahead of them, their purpose is to change the way you see and interact with the world right through your very own eyes. One who is somewhat familiar with the concept of augmented reality may have one particular thought that comes to mind now, that project by the Google team: Google Glass. If this is what you think of, you are correct. What the Google team attempted to do with this project would truly have been the first revolutionary step in the direction of the smart glasses. Unfortunately, as for what happened to the project, you can find that out on your own with a little Googling.

Whether on your wrist, from your neck, or seated right in front of your very own eyes, we as humans are going to see a great transition from where we sit comfortably today and the future of how we interact with technology. On our bodies is just the beginning, next may come technology in our bodies, ( as a matter of fact, this is also happening .) The wearable tech of today is nothing but a glimpse into the incredible future of the way in which we will one day interact with technology, stay ahead my friends or you may wake up one day completely confused in a world of unknown things.

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