Financial Markets: Looking At Biotech Stocks in 2017

  • Richard Cox
  • 1 year ago
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In 2016, we saw some significant trends develop in the financial markets.  Most of the early optimism was centered in areas like precious metals, where assets like gold and silver were seeing multi-year rallies.  But these trends have clearly turned, with investors now more heavily focused on stocks — and several benchmarks have now risen to record levels.

One of the best examples here can be found in the PowerShares NASDAQ Trust (NASDAQ:QQQ), which list some of the best biotech companies in the world.  For individual traders and long-term investors, these types of assets can be accessed using the

For individual traders and long-term investors, these types of assets can be accessed using the MetaTrader markets platform.  The platform has some incredible advantages in terms of its ability to access multiple asset classes and to customize charting software for technical analysis strategies.  This software is offered free for investors by easyMarkets, which is one of the reputable brokers in the online investment world.

Stock Market Chart: PowerShares NASDAQ Trust (NASDAQ:QQQ)

In this chart, investors can see that the technology stock investment space have created some significant returns over the last five years.  These bullish trends have become even more pronounced now that President Donald Trump has given us a pro-business agenda that should help to drive revenues in the healthcare industry.  

The NASDAQ can also be used in conjunction with instruments like the  which is shown in the stock market chart below.

Biotech Chart:  iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology Index ETF (NASDAQ:IBB)

Here, we can see that the collective activity in the biotech industry has been basing for another rally since the early parts of 2016.  What all of this suggests is that 2017 could be a banner year for market investors that are looking to ride the bullish trends that have been seen in the equities space as a whole, and in the NASDAQ, as well.  

So, if you are looking for ways to buy individual stocks, names like Gilead Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD), Novartis AG (NYSE:NVS), and Celgene Corp. (NASDAQ: CELG) are likely to be on your radar.  But it is important to remember that biotech stocks investors can also gain exposure to these types of assets either by using the IBB ETF or through investments in the NASDAQ as a whole.  Here, it should be remembered that the NASDAQ composite index has a wide variety of stocks that do not necessarily include many of the biotech names that the market knows so well.  

Best Biotech Stocks

If you are looking at investments in individual biotech stocks, it is always important to research the product pipeline that is in the works for the establishment.  In some cases, biotech companies have a hard time when dealing with approval from clinical trials so it is always critically important for investors to maintain an awareness of the progress biotech companies are making in having the best biotech products made available for public use and consumption.  

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