Drones, and the Drone that Kills Drones

  • Richard Cox
  • 2 Years ago
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Whether or not we are fully aware of it, drones have made it into the mainstream. Something that ones seemed purely science fiction can now be purchased at a gas station, for less than $100 dollars. With this drone overpopulation, it was only a matter of time until somebody created a new, innovative drone; enter the Rapere.

The Rapere is a seek and destroy drone that targets, you guessed it: drones. Back when the drones were rare, expensive, and hard to come by, we would never really find a use for the Rapere. The Rapere would spend its drone career searching the skies above for an enemy, to the ends of most likely never fulfilling its primary function. However, now, we have a lot more drones, and a lot more pesky civilians that own drones. 

One Simple Purpose

Without Rapere, what would we do? The drones are too high off the ground in most situations; usually out of shotgun range, and not many of us own a military-grade sniper rifle, but with Rapere we need not worry.  Developed by a group in California, the Rapere is being created with one simple purpose: find nearby drones and make them crash.

Simply press the “GO” button on Rapere, allow it time to launch itself, locate another drone within range, and then hover above the drone. Once Rapere is above its target, the drone dangles a sort of wire net , tangling the enemy drones rotors and causing it to crash. And then, if you’re thrifty, you’ve got a pile of drone parts to sort through and salvage; hows that for a win win?

Potential Legalities

If you’re a realistic thinker, you of course must ask the question of whether this process is legal, and the answer is: well, that depends. The company plans on Rapere to be even activated only when some other person is doing something dangerous or illegal with their drone, it is then and only then that you are allowed to come in and save the day with your drone, the drone slayer of all drones, fighting for justice and other drone-like rewards.

Even then, though; is it truly legal to destroy somebodies property like that? I believe we will not truly know until the Rapere makes its debut and works its way into the legal system. Until then, next time you see some moron flying a drone 20 feet above your dog and laughing from a comfortable 30 meters away; I urge you to silently think to yourself: “one day, drone, one day.”

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