Corporate Workplace: Will Computers Ever Replace Humans?

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Corporate Workplace:  Will Computers Ever Replace Humans?  

Is there a simple answer to this question? Everything depends on any new technological inventions to be made in the next few decades. But judging from the past 40 years, computerized machines have taken up almost 60% of human workers jobs globally. So there is a high likelihood of the computers taking up almost 90% of human worker jobs in the next century.   

Computers are not prone to errors, guarantee constant quality output, they are more creative in the long term and are predictable it is for these reasons why no human job is safe. With most of today’s companies and organization investing more in automation and neglecting the human labor just for the simple reason that automation provides better return on investment.  

Massive loss of well paying jobs and increase in low paying as a result of more emphasize being on automation, could lead to poverty among people. This will in turn lead to low populations as people have shorter life span because they can’t afford decent medical care. This decrease of population will pave the way for computers to replace humans.  

With all the new computerized machines and technological invention endangering more and more jobs, even the ones that seem almost immune to technology such as being a driver. there have been big investment of designing self-driving cars. So in a few years there maybe no need for drivers. There are still some things that computer cannot do such as creative art – Digital art software tool like Photoshop and Illustrator have been monumentally useful for graphic artists. However Art is an expression of human imagination, improvisation, and creativity  which is something that computers will never have. Few others like: provision of healthcare and medicine, play professional sports, education and quality assurance are jobs for human beings only.  

What most companies and organizations should be embracing computer as a way to make their human worker more productive instead of replacing them.  

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